Author: Steve Plummer

New Glasses

Ben made another puppet that needed glasses. I know a little more about 3D printing than I did a month ago so I was able to adjust the settings to get a better print. These are puppet versions of the presenters of the TMRO Space webcast I doubt if anyone else would want to make …

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Reinventing the wheel

I printed a small toy with rotating wheels and was intrigued when I found it is possible to print something all in one go and for the wheels to be able to move. I didn’t need any wheels, and I didn’t want to use anyone else’s designs for wheels, so I experimented just to find …

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One that got away

After I made my first 3D Curve of Pursuit I had a go at making a ‘skeleton’ version. The shape is good. This was my first time at using supports. The yellow bits you can see are the remains of the supports and it will take a lot more attention to get rid of them …

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