To Eternity and Beyond

I have been continuing to work on my From Square To Eternity design (see blog post from March 25 for the first stages).

This is what I was aiming for

These are probably as near as I’m going to get. The image never disappears when you look directly at the print. I think this is because the print has hard edges whereas the lines of the knitting blend together.

I tried several different refinements to get to this stage.

It would have been pointless, and time-consuming to create a more complicated design so I decided to experiment with simple stripes.

I started with a block about 8 cm square. It clearly didn’t work and it wasn’t really necessary to make such a large sample – so I made a smaller one. The size of the piece does affect where the filaments trail across.

To make the stripes more obvious the tops of the sticking-up parts needed to be thinner so that they cast less shadow. The grey and yellow is the same as shown above. The red and yellow has thinner stripes and it is certainly easier to see that the two colours do go right across. With a little cleaning up this would work well.

This was the method I used for the ‘eternity’ samples above but it didn’t solve all the problems.

I thought it might look better with less-contrasting colours.

The smaller sample has stripes 2 mm wide. The larger one was printed from the same file but at one and a half times the size.

They do not give any impression of the stripes in the two halves being continuous.

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