Month: February 2019

Ins and Outs of Flexagons

I have always been fascinated by flexagons and have made several over the years, some more successful than others. My first crochet hexaflexagon was about twenty years ago and, amazingly, it is still surviving. It isn’t the most comfortable cushion in the world but it is great fun. I can absolutely predict what will happen …

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New Glasses

Ben made another puppet that needed glasses. I know a little more about 3D printing than I did a month ago so I was able to adjust the settings to get a better print. These are puppet versions of the presenters of the TMRO Space webcast I doubt if anyone else would want to make …

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Reinventing the wheel

I printed a small toy with rotating wheels and was intrigued when I found it is possible to print something all in one go and for the wheels to be able to move. I didn’t need any wheels, and I didn’t want to use anyone else’s designs for wheels, so I experimented just to find …

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