Two Dolphins

New year – new pattern.

Steve has now designed more than a dozen illusion blankets. You can see them all here. This new one is amongst my favourites.

There are many reasons why I particularly like it

  • Dolphins appeal to people of all ages so it isn’t just a baby blanket
  • It is very easy
  • The dolphins are on a garter stitch background (Many of the blankets are alternate ridges of garter and stocking stitch.)
  • The outlines of the dolphins are very streamlined so it is easy to check that no stitches are out of place
  • It reminds me of yin yang

The blanket in the photo is about 80 cm x 100 cm (32” x 40”). It could be made much bigger with a wider border all round.

Buy the pattern

When you look directly at illusion knitting you only see narrow stripes. The picture appears when you look from an angle

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