The Great Pyramid

Almost nine years ago Steve designed, and knitted, an illusion of the Great Pyramid and Sphinx. He constantly looks for new challenges and this was a very early one. At the time he wrote:

“I’ve been looking, for a while, for a recognisable landscape or place to try as an illusion knit. The Great Pyramid and Sphinx seemed a good idea as it is a view known to many.

The illusion has been designed to be viewed from the side so is intended to be a wall hanging but could easily be incorporated into a design for a bedspread or table runner.”

He was pleased with the result. Photographs never do justice to illusion knitting. They have to be seen in real-life to appreciate how much they change as you move past them. For a better impression view an animation on our web site. (The animation is not on this page because some people do not like moving images.)

This is what you see from directly in front.

About four years ago the original piece was acquired by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Then, a few weeks ago, they asked for another (I don’t know why they need two copies of the same illusion.)

Steve knitted the original, I knitted the second. I calculated that it took about 70 hours to knit. The finished piece measures approximately 89 cm x 58 cm (35” x 23”). Eventually we may find out where this can be seen.

The pattern is available on Ravelry.

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