The helpful man at Box said it was never a good idea to remove a model from the printing surface while it was still inside the printer because the model could get damaged. He had various suggestions for surfaces that could be removed but none were immediately available, or were expensive, so we decided to improvise.

We went to our local Range (UK household/craft store) and searched for suitable bits and pieces. We found self-adhesive magnetic sheets, two for £1, then went round the shop to see what they would stick to. Some things turn out to be not as magnetic as you might imagine but we did find a rather ugly ‘motivational’ plaque for another £1. We already had some very small bulldog clips.

The thin metal sheet was cut to size and the edges were bound with tape so it wasn’t sharp. The magnetic sheet was cut to size and stuck on to the spare build tape (That’s what they call the blue sheet that goes on the bed.)

The two pieces stick together by magnetism. The metal sheet makes the combination semi-rigid and the two can be peeled apart to flex the model from the build tape.

The new sheet is clipped in place on the original bed.

The next problem was what to do with the reels of filament. The Dreamer comes with two, which fit inside the machine. Filaments of other makes don’t all come on the same size reels. Those we bought elsewhere were too big to fit inside.

The solution was fairly simple. We found a small storage box and an old shower rail. The reels slide on to the rail, the rail lies across the box (which is suitably ridged at the end so the bar doesn’t move about), and the filament goes up and over the top of the back of the printer.

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