Rainbow Delusions

Illusion knitting – but not as we know it.

When you look at illusion knitting from directly in front you only see narrow stripes. An image appears when you look from the side. These ‘Delusions’ are the complete opposite.

The rainbow has become the symbol of 2020. It seemed perfect for experimenting with something new. The rainbow, and RAINBOW lettering are obvious from in front but they disappear into a plain grey surface when you look from the side. The rainbow emerges out of a grey sky.

It is always difficult to photograph illusions to good effect and these are no exception. In real life the images 95% disappear. I used Stylecraft Special DK yarn. I would not normally think of this yarn as being at all fluffy but it is fluffy enough to create a slight halo on the brighter colours so it is always possible to see a faint shadow of red, orange and yellow. A very smooth yarn, like cotton, would overcome this problem.

Artist’s impression

We have two separate patterns for these but if you add them both to your cart on Ravelry you get one free. The pattern with the lettering includes a version that does not have the ever-present stripes.

The two panels are exactly the same size so could be used as the two sides of a large cushion, or joined together to make an afghan as in the artist’s impression here.

Buy Delusion Rainbow pattern
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