Don’t Panic

This was intended as a companion piece to Life, the Universe and Everything. Fans of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy will recognise the message from the front of ‘The Book’. It seems particularly appropriate in the current crisis.

The lettering has been charted in two different ways. One is designed to be viewed from the side; the other is seen from below. You cannot simply use the same chart and turn it round. That does not reveal the parts of the letters you need to see.

These two pieces are the same size as Life, the Universe and Everything so they could be used together as a cushion, or as squares in a blanket or wall-hanging. Because the size was restricted, the lettering is quite close to the edge so will start to bend away and be less clear if it is on a rounded cushion. It is easy to add extra rows and stitches to compensate for this.

Front view (Both squares look similar)
Side view

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