An Orchid

Steve recently completed a new illusion knitting design, called An Orchid. It is based on a drawing by Lodygin Sergey Pavlovich who was a Russian graphic artist and theatre designer. There is very little information about him and his name appears in several different forms.

This is a very intricate design. It took well over one hundred hours to chart and probably as long again to knit. Designing is difficult; the knitting is easy. It is no more complicated than our basic sample pieces. It is just bigger. The finished piece measures 104 cm x 132 cm (41” x 52”) so could hang on the wall (if you have a large space) or be used as a bed cover.

As with all illusion knitting, you only see narrow stripes when you stand immediately in front of it. The image appears when you start to move around. The animation shows several different views but photographs never convey how spectacular these illusions are in real life.

The pattern is available to buy on Ravelry.

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