Am I doing it right?

We have often been asked about illusions for left-handed knitters. It is always a difficult question to answer because people use their own workarounds. It was only today that it occurred to me to do something practical about it.

I have taken the lettering from Love Cushion and put it in a separate little pattern of its own. It only has 50 stitches and 27 ridges so should be quick and easy for anyone who is unsure. Knitting a few ridges should be enough to see whether the letters are pointing in the right direction. If they are not there are some suggestions to put them right.

In many designs it doesn’t matter if the instructions are interpreted backwards but it certainly matters when lettering, or one-way designs, are involved. It is also important that the Mona Lisa should face the right way and that the farmer holds the pitchfork in the correct hand.

Download Am I doing it right?

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