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Enscription 1E Enscription 1A Enscription 1C Enscription 1D

Enscriptions are original artworks with a hidden message. Hang one on your wall as a unique piece of art and then choose whether or not to reveal the secret. Enjoy having one in your own home or use it to relieve the boredom of a waiting room, office or surgery.


The Enscriptions above all have the same message. If you want to know what the message says click here - but remember that this will spoil the fun of trying to work it out yourself. If you would like some help to decode the message for yourself, click here.


Other messages are available. You can even commission your own Enscription.


Our first coded message was a knit and crochet afghan named Code Comfort. It was inspired by a meeting with Simon Singh, author of The Code Book. A knitted afghan takes over 100 hours to make so we now sell a booklet of instructions for anyone wanting to make their own .... and hand-printed messages.

What is an Enscription?

An Enscription is a totally original art concept and an intriguing, challenging pastime.

Why are they called Enscriptions?

The name is a cross between 'encryption' and 'inscription'.

Why do Enscriptions have numbers instead of titles?

Any name might give a clue to deciphering the message and take away part of the challenge.

How are the messages encoded?

The messages are created using a straightforward substitution cipher. Each symbol stands for a different letter of the alphabet.

What language is used for the messages?

The messages are in UK English so some spellings may differ from US English.

How do I crack the code?

There are some elements of the English language that make it quite easy to start work on the message. You then need to use logic and common sense.

Can I buy one of the Enscriptions I see in the photos?

You can buy any of the Enscriptions in the photos, if they are still available.

Enscription 2A

If you really want to know the message, click here