Moon Landing

It was in the week I went on my first visit to the school where I was to start teaching, in my first post, in September. Everyone was very excited. Strangely, I don’t remember watching anything at home but I do remember groups of the children huddled round televisions. Televisions in schools were still a fairly rare thing and not everyone had TV at home in those days. My visit couldn’t have been on the day of the landing because that was a Sunday so it is difficult to know which bits are real memory and which bits are the result of seeing the film so many times since.

Almost ten years ago Steve designed an illusion knit of the moon. This was one of his earliest designs. At the time he wrote:

This Moonrise Illusion knit is very much an experiment in using images other than those of people or recognisable characters. Would it be possible to get enough shading into a piece of knitting to indicate areas in a landscape?

This is the picture he started with

When you look directly at illusion knitting you only see narrow stripes. The image is revealed when you look from the side.

I can’t think of the moon landing without remembering two girls I taught some fifteen years later. The father was a massive space fan. He named his first daughter Moonrock, which isn’t so bad. The second girl was called Lunar Landing. Fortunately, that was an easily adapted name and, in later life, she called herself Luna

This is the result.

The Moonrise pattern is available on Ravelry.

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