Love is in the air

This is the ideal time to make a small knitted box with a hidden gift.

Cube Thing is made from three simple strips of knitting. They are not joined but they stay together to form a cube. You can put your gift inside and it can be taken out again without doing any damage to the cube. It has been said that this is the perfect size for a ring box.
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If you prefer hearts ….

Heart 2 Heart has two small illusion hearts – one to be viewed from the bottom, the other from the side. The pattern has instructions for both. With illusion knitting you cannot simply turn the pattern round to make the heart that is viewed from a different angle.

When you look directly at illusion knitting you only see narrow stripes.

These squares are quick and easy. They measure about 20 cm (8”) and only have 41 stitches. Individually they could be used as dishcloths or mats. You could use a series of them to make a scarf, bag, or part of a garment. Four squares could make a cushion, or even more can make an afghan. Reverse the colours in some squares for a more interesting effect.
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Love Cushion is another free pattern. It was originally designed for a charity but is now available to everyone.

The cushion shown was made in DK yarn and used approximately 140 metres (150 yards) of each colour for one side of the cushion. It is approximately 40 cm (16”) square and will take a 45 cm (18”) cushion pad. Illusions work with any thickness of yarn but a different thickness could change the overall size.
Download the pattern (Unlike most of our illusion patterns this one has both written and charted instructions.)

The free Silver Wedding Heart pattern includes two simple heart designs for a 25th wedding anniversary, which can be hung on the wall or used for small cushions. It doesn’t have to be for an anniversary. You could omit the numbers or add your own message. You could also add a few extra stitches to make it match the size of Love Cushion for a cushion with different hearts on each side.

If you have a little more time make a Love Hearts Blanket. Anyone brought up in UK will be familiar with Love Hearts® sweets though they may be less well-known in other parts of the world. They have been made in UK since 1933. We have used some of the traditional messages, some modern equivalents and some of our own. Sixteen messages are included in the pattern and there are instructions explaining how to create your own.

If you don’t want a whole blanket just make two squares and turn them into a cushion.
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Love Hearts® and the Love Hearts icon are the registered trademark of Swizzels Matlow Limited and are used with their permission.

Home is where the heart is is a bit more complicated.

When you look at the wall-hanging from directly in front you see four large striped squares; when you look from the side you see H O M E, with a heart nestling in the letter O.
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